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Adventures West Outfitters and Guides is a multifaceted Christian ministry designed to help youth and adults mature and develop physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. AWOG outdoor adventure programs take groups of youth and adults into wilderness settings to reduce distractions that compromise their abilities to look at life clearly, openly and without biased opinions. Wild places are locations where people can reflect on their lives. AWOG provides opportunities for successful struggles in the context of wilderness settings which leads people to respect the wilderness first and themselves secondly. Respect of self leads to respect of others.
When respect of creation, self and others is layered upon God's deep love for us then life takes on a whole new meaning and purpose. All of our activities such as rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, caving, backpacking, team building and others are the vehicles we use...to foster greater respect and growth, in and for people, and for God through wilderness experiences.

Adventures West has a parent organization called Cogar Educational Services. Education activities such as our RiverRescue – Training.com program for fire departments and other rescue organizations, outfitters and guides and our Father/Son program that focuses on fathers helping their sons through the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood– all of these programs are under Cogar Educational Services.

Cogar Educational Services is owned by Ed and Jan Cogar who have been leading wilderness adventures for youth since 1973. Ed's lifetime of wilderness adventures has lead him all over North America from the tops of some of it's grandest mountains to the deepest longest river canyons and islands of the Pacific Ocean as far west as Guam. Ed's purpose in all of this is to teach that struggle is a normal part of life. Struggle gives the opportunity for growth and understanding and life. The ultimate goal of struggle is to know God – this is what Adventures West is about.


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Adventures West provided premier outdoor trips for a wide variety of groups. What ever type of trip you're looking for, look no further!

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Address: PO Box 166 Rhododendron, Or 97049
Telephone: +503-913-2692
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Note: Adventures West is a booking agent for HDRO/High Desert Outfitters. All Adventures West Deschutes River trips are contracted to HDRO/High Desert Outfitters and staffed by HDRO/High Desert employees such as Ed Cogar, Scott Elliot and Rachel Cogar.