Trip Activities:

rafting picture Rafting:
Rafting is a great way to bring a novice to a wet and wild environment and yet expect them to be in the boat at the end of a rapid. Contrasting the splashing you'll find quiet sunny sections of river where you will float peacefully - laughing and talking to friends and family about those things that bring joy and meaning to your life, about dreams and hopes for the future.
rock climbing picture Rock Climbing:
Rock climbing is a great way to develop confidence and strength while with competent caring guides. This adventure of pushing yourself can produce the development of you and your friends as individuals. The theology of the rock will give you insights into the value of struggle, what you base your life upon and the importance of other people.
backpacking picture Backpacking:
Backpacking gets you into God's beautiful environment and helps slow your life down to the pace of the walk. You meet your needs from your pack and life is reduced to the needs of water, shelter, food and companionship. The evening sound of food cooking over the backpacking stove while you kick back by some mountain stream with a million dollar view at your feet, makes your soul never to want to return home.
caving picture Caving:
Caving opens up an inexpensive world of adventure to youth and adults. The types of caves varies from those you can stand up in and walk level floors under 60' ceilings to those requiring crawling from one chamber into another that has a stream flowing through it. Caves lend themselves to great discussions about stepping into the unknown from comfort zones, leadership, and the power of your light to show the way to show to others.
team building picture Team Building:
Team Building games can take a group that has just met and bond them into a working team within 30 minutes. Subjects such as bonding, teamwork, cooperation, problem solving and trust are common areas for team building/initiative games to address. Employers like team building games because it makes their employees more productive and the workplace culture more positive - this spells increased profits. Youth leaders value these games because they lead to deeper conversations and better cooperation, communication within their groups.
hawaii picture Open Enrollment Trips:
Open Enrollment Trips are adventures scheduled in areas such as Hawaii, Canada and locations spread around the world. These trips will definitely satisfy your adventure hunger for awhile.
missions picture Mission Trips:
Mission Trips are programs we have scheduled and coordinated with leaders who need help or have a project to help people though "hands on service". Trips abroad or in this country, are designed to help people in need. Because friendships form and it is satisfying to serve others we are the big winners on these types of trips.
retired picture Adventures for Adults 50+:
Adventures for Active Seniors are for those who are older but not ready to "slow down" yet. Active Seniors you will find paddling a canoe or raft or looking for a good hiking trail to explore with new friends and old.
oar boat picture Oar Boat Training:
Oarboat Training brings those with a passion for personal river adventures together with competent Adventures West instructors for a thorough basic training in not only how to oar a boat but how to be safer doing it.
rescue picture River Rescue Training: provides a 3 day course in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certified river rescue training and other related types of rescue. We teach rescue of yourself first, teammates secondly and victims lastly. A certification certificate, patch, ID card and documentation of training skills sheet provide proof of training signed off by your instructor(s).

    Any of the above trips can be combined to create a customized trip for your group. See "prices" page for combo     trip prices and discounts.



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