Oar Boat Training:



If you enjoy paddle boat rafting there may be times you may
find it hard to find enough people to paddle raft with you when
you want to go. The answer is to run an oarboat with a crew of
just you and go whenever you want to for as long as you want
to go.

Maneuvering your own oarboat safely down a challenging
whitewater river or just enjoying the floating of a warm calm
section of quite water brings a pleasure not found in many
other sports. The combination of blue sky, sun and water
create a formula for fun and adventure living. To oarboat in
a safe manner, under control - that means without crashing
into logs, rocks or other boats requires skills you are not born
with --- you must learn them. The purpose of Adventure West
(AWOG) oarboat training is to first increase your survivability ,
secondly develop your skills in handling an oarboat, thirdly
learn how to rig your boat for single and multiple day river
running for increased safety and comfort, and lastly how to
protect people who ride with you and you from them.

Training to run an oarboat spans two weekends or 4 scheduled
days of "hands on instruction". AWOG makes no guarantee

a student will master all of the skills listed on our check-off
sheet within the 4 scheduled class periods due to the varied
learning ability of each student. Additional training days can be
scheduled at the rate of $150 per day.

Fee: $400 includes use of an oarboat, instruction, travel from
our rendezvous location and back again. There is no fee
reduction for a student having their own boat. Students must
have health coverage, sign an AWOG Liability Release/Medical
form and be able to swim for 10 minutes in a purposeful
manner. If the instructor feels the purposes of the class or
class safety is compromised he/she may cancel any scheduled
session with the option to reschedule. Students are required
to wear adequate thermal protection, personal flotation device
(PFD) lifejacket, helmet and foot protection. (These items
are available to rent from AWOG if you do not have them.)
Students who successfully complete the 4 day training class are
eligible to apply for single day and overnight raft trips organized
by Adventures West. Dates for instruction are on a 1st come
1st serve basis and once scheduled with a deposit paid are held
regardless of weather.

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