Single day whitewater rafting is our most popular program -
camping and rafting while taking days descending a river is our
second most popular adventure. People enjoy the fun of sunny
whitewater and the peace of the end of the day in quiet river

Whitewater rafting is an exciting activity that generates
adventure, teamwork, team building and memory making. Add
in trained Christian guides leading your people in discussions
over hard questions about eternal things, while floating quite
sections of river, and you have an effective tool for disciplining
youth and adults. AWOG guides are concerned about your
groups comfort and safety and how they can make your trip
fun, even if a water fight does break out or your kids want to
jump in the water.

Raft a single day or multiple days, but stay and camp with us
overnight so you can rock climb the next morning or add any of
the other activities we lead. Your time with Adventures West
will produce fun, heart challenge and create memories for your

We provide all equipment needed for rafting trips from ½
to 6 days long except personal clothing. Can we design a
custom rafting trip for your youth group or family? Often
other activities such rock climbing or teambuilding games can be added to a raft trip. All of our guides have been through
a certified (NFPA) 3 day course in River Rescue-Training .com
and have spent weeks training to become Certified Whitewater
River Guides. All of our experienced guides are registered
with the State of Oregon Marine Board and are employees of
Adventures West Outfitters and Guides and Hydro/High Desert


A canoe gliding on the water is an art form beautiful to watch.
At Adventures West our goal is to get you to fall in love with a
canoe. We are good at teaching you how to move your boat
under control and good at giving opportunities to adventure
about in a canoe.

Canoe programs can be half the price of rafting trips and as
much fun. The experience is more physical but a lot depends
upon the river we choose to float upon. Camping along the
river, fixing dinner around a campfire, roasting hotdogs and
marsh mellows leads to great times for teaching and sharing of
lives. Teamwork is one of the great challenges associated with
two people in a boat trying to make it go where they want it to.

When it happens there is a sense of team for the two paddlers
making the whole effort to get them there worthwhile.
No Game Boy can match the experience – unfortunately
they probably won't have a signal to tech anybody of their
accomplishment. All guides are trained by River Rescue–
Training.com and certified as canoe guides through Adventures
West. Blend this activity with another such as rock climbing or

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Note: Adventures West is a booking agent for HDRO/High Desert Outfitters. All Adventures West Deschutes River trips are contracted to HDRO/High Desert Outfitters and staffed by HDRO/High Desert employees such as Ed Cogar, Scott Elliot and Rachel Cogar.